Last Updated: June 12, 2018
SLA Comes into effect: July 12, 2018

Within this SLA, Outage Minutes are defined as the real, actual minutes during the month as applicable for which CityFind Search Services are unavailable. For outages that extend beyond monthly guaranteed up time, CityFind will calculate a credit as follows: Credit = Plan Price * ((Outage Hours * Ratio) ÷ Hours) in the applicable month. 720 is given as the standard number of operational hours for each month.

8 hour outage on an expanding subscription

Calculation: ((8 hours * 0.50) / 720 Hours) * 185 = $1.02

In this case, a $1.02 credit will be applied to the following month’s invoice.

Please use the following information as reference for outage credit calculations.

Starter, Expand and Pro Subscription Plans

  • Credits are capped to half a month (For example, $92.50 for an expanding subscription is the maximum credit you can receive on the following month’s invoice)
  • Credit will be applied to the following term invoice if the outage occurs outside of 10 days before the next subscription term. An outage that occurs within 10 days of the next subscription cycle will result in a credit applied to the invoice 2 subscription cycles ahead.
  • In order for you to benefit from the credit, you need to be a Starter, Expanding, or Pro subscriber to the CityFind Service.

Additional conditions shall apply as defined in the Terms and Conditions located at

Please use the following table for an example of an outage credit calculation.

Scenario Starter/Expanding Pro
1-2 hour 6% 13%
2-4 hours 13% 27%
4-8 hours 27% 55%
8+ hours 50% 100%

CityFind reserves the right to revise this SLA upon thirty (30) days’ notice by posting notice on the CityFind website. The customer may terminate its Agreement with CityFind without penalty upon notice to CityFind within ten (10) days of the amendment.