Welcome to all our new Google Site Search users! CityFind is a powerful Google Site Search Alternative. Google announced in early 2017 that the Google Site Search Appliance product is going end of life. This means that while they will continue to honor existing contracts, no new contracts will be renewed. If you are an existing Google Site Search user on your website, you can continue to use an ad-supported version of Google Site Search, however the ad-free (paid) version will no longer be provided.

So how does CityFind compare to Google Site Search?

10 Ways CityFind compares as a Google Site Search Alternative

CityFind is everything that made Google Site Search great, and much more…

1 CityFind is incredibly easy to implement

You can sign up and install CityFind on your website in only 5 minutes. Subscribe to CityFind here and check your email to validate. Once you have validated your email, you can add your domain and begin indexing your site right away. Indexing typically takes less than 30 seconds (for sites without PDF’s and less than 100 pages), and you are ready to go. Simply copy and paste a short code snippet to your website where you want the search engine to show up, and you will be ready to launch.

2 Lightning fast search results

CityFind uses advanced search algorithms to provide incredibly fast search results, no matter how many documents you have indexed. From 10 pages to 10,000 pages, your results will be ready in milliseconds.

3 PDF content crawling & indexing

Unlike many other search engine services, CityFind will crawl and index the content of PDF’s on your website. The CityFind crawler will even pull text from PDF’s that contain images and graphics for search querying. All this, without slowing down the search engine on your site. No other Google Site Search Alternative provides PDF scrubbing.

4 Completely mobile friendly

Add the CityFind Search bar to your website, and provide mobile-friendly search results to your users, no matter what device they use. Fully responsive and flexible, the CityFind search app is a welcome addition to any mobile friendly app or web site

5 Incredible customization tools

You can set it and forget it, or you can take back control of your search engine. Use the CityFind Dashboard to manage your personal search engine. You can boost or lower the weight for document types, individual documents, and more.

6 Promotions, custom synonyms, and custom stop words

The CityFind Dashboard lets you create custom promotions (capturing specific search words), and add custom synonyms to your website. You might call them knitted hats, but your customers may call them toques. Capture these and improve the search results for your customers. A powerful Google Site Search Alternative to google custom promotions.

7 Let your users search by document type

You can customize the Search Engine to let your users search by document types. Maybe you have a large document library. With CityFind, you can let your users search specifically by PDF results, or only return HTML pages.

8 Analytics to boost popular pages

Use the powerful CityFind Analytics tool to let page hits affect search results, or don’t let them affect results at all. A simple slider lets you adjust how much page popularity affects search results.

9 Powerful sitemap integration

A great google site search alternative function – you can add your own custom sitemap to the dashboard, and even add your own custom fields (such as date modified, page hits, and page title (particulary useful for PDF documents).

10 Automatic re-crawls of your content

The CityFind Crawler will crawl your content daily, updating your search index by removing old dead links and adding any new or updated content as required. You can use a custom sitemap to crawl your site, or set a custom sitemap to integrate

11 (Bonus) CityFind offers a powerful API

Need more control? You can build your own custom search engine using our crawler, indexer, and the powerful and flexible API to create your own search solution.