Infrastructure Built to Scale

Search as a service solutions that is designed to grow with your business

Expectations tend to scale with technology, not your budget. CityFind provides scalable search technology built on infrastructure that will grow with you. We built our framework with all types of businesses in mind – from Municipalities and Government websites, to legal teams with millions of documents.

Search Experiences that Work

Plug-and-play search tools that you can embed into your application in minutes

The mobile web has become the normal. Customers expect the same experience no matter what device they are using. CityFind’s search plugin is designed to be responsive right out of the box, providing a consistent experience no matter where you implement it.

Typo Tolerance

Your users will find what they are looking for. Typo tolerance is generated from your documents, ensuring relevant spell checking.

OCR PDF Crawling

Crawl and index important site documents, including PDF files, DOCs and more. Bring document content searching directly to your app.


Define custom synonyms and stop words to ensure your users find relevant content based on topics unique to your site content.

Index Anytime

Indexing happens behind the scenes, without slowing down your search engine. Use the API or Dashboard to queue up an index recalculation anytime..

Custom Weights

Define weights for the objects in your index based on a variety of factors – whether it is object type, object popularity, or individual object.

Powerful API

A powerful index & object search API allows you to define your own indexes, objects, and perform searches directly from your app in real time.



Search as a Service

CityFind takes the weight off your application by offering search technology as a direct service. You can use the CityFind search appliance plugin directly on your website, or build your own using the API.

Get Started

Distributed Infrastructure

CityFind leverages the power of the cloud using Amazon Web Services™, the gold standard for scalable computing power. Using AWS™ allows CityFind to provide real time scalability to move with you as the demands on your application increases.

US & Canadian Data Centers

Many Canadian municipalities have restrictions on cloud based services due to the Freedom of Information and Privacy act. CityFind allows you to take advantage of Amazon Web Services™ Canadian data centers in order to comply with FOIP where applicable.

The Magic Behind the Scenes

The CityFind Enterprise Search Engine delvers concise indexing, and lightening fast search results using the best technology available. CityFind depends on Python for logic processing and vector mapping, and Redis™ to provide blazing fast memory based storage platform to ensure maximum speed.