What is CityFind?

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CityFind is a service that allows you to add a powerful, semantic search engine to any website. CityFind takes care of crawling & indexing of all your content, including any PDF and Word Documents. All you need to do is add 2 short lines of javascript anywhere on your site to get up and running.

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Easy search tuning

Your content is diverse. CityFind gives you the tools to provide relevant search results specific to your audience. Using the CityFind Dashboard, you can boost or lower the search rank for individual documents or you can adjust the rank by document types. Also, you can also automatically weight search results by document popularity using our included analytics plugin.

Dynamic Ranking

As your traffic changes, your search results can too. CityFind lets you weight your search results dynamically based on what people are searching for, and document popularity. This lets your search engine fluctuate along with your content, dynamically and autonomously.

Cloud Powered

CityFind is built on fully scalable cloud based search architecture and infrastructure to meet the content needs for your users. With an option for Canadian or US data-centers, you can deliver the fast search results directly to your clients with minimal latency. Our powerful search algorithm features the latest machine learning technology to deliver semantic search results at an affordable price.

Index Instantly

Search index is automatically updated on the fly.

No need to re-calculate your index. Your content is searchable immediately, the moment documents are added, automatically. Crawling and indexing happens independently of your site search application, ensuring you never experience a slow down.

CityFind employs type detection, which ensures that content is scraped correctly and that static files (such as PDF’s) are not needlessly re-crawled when they have not changed, saving server load when your site is crawled.

A Powerful, Self Serve Dashboard

Take care of business when you need to. No experience required.

Our infrastructure gives you room to grow. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription when your needs change. We can fully crawl your site once per week, or as often as once per day. CityFind will also scrub text from streaming documents and files, such as PDF’s and Word Documents. Efficient index scaling ensures that search engine performance doesn’t drop as the scale of your content increases.

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