Google site search is shutting down for good – are you ready?

CityFind makes site search easy with a powerful, fast, and reliable search results for your site. The platform provides crawling and indexing for many different types of content, including HTML, XML, and most importantly, full PDF content scrubbing. No matter how large your site is, or how often your content is updated, CityFind can scale with you. While your content is crawled daily, you can also manually queue a crawl & index of your site up to 2 additional times per day. In addition, you can manually queue individual pages or documents for crawling as often as needed.

Powerful features

One of the most exciting features of CityFind is that you can customize the weight of individual pages and document types. Using our powerful analytics plugin, you can also weight pages based on how popular they are, ensuring your most valuable content is also the most accessible.

Need to promote specific content? CityFind offers an easy to use promotion tool. This tool enables you to create custom promotions for specific keywords, ensuring that time-sensitive content and news is always the most accessible to your clients and customers.

What are you waiting for?

The CityFind site search platform is the best Google Site Search alternative, offering an incredibly powerful and affordable option for integrated site search for many millions of websites worldwide.

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