CityFind is proud to announce the release of CityFind Site Search Version 3.6, including a powerful new Index API!

Exciting new ways to build great search experiences for your users

What is the Index API?

With the new Index API, you can build your own custom indexes, manage Index Objects, and re-build the Index at any time. These powerful new API features let you build a search tool directly into your application remotely. You can create as many indexes as needed, providing the capability for individual, purpose-built search application. This powerful semantic search API framework lets you bring the power of semantic search to any application… on the fly.

Building Objects

In addition to custom indexes, CityFind has launched a number of exciting new object management tools through the API. These tools provide a way to manage your search index directly from your application using the API, without having to wait for the crawler to catch up on its own schedule. You can use these API tools to publish a new object to the Index directly from your app, which means your site search engine will be as up to date as your website.

These new object managment API tools work on both regular domains (domains that are crawled regularly), as well as new custom indexes. No need to change anything on your CityFind account – you can start using these API tools on your existing domains right now. Visit the documentation to learn more about these exciting new features.

Improved Typo Tolerance

CityFind has been working hard to improve the typo tolerance (spell checking & correcting) for CityFind. The latest iteration of Typo Tolerance spell-checks and recommends words based on your index. This means words that are mis-spelled are corrected using the most likely candidates from a list of words generated from the index itself, improving the quality of searches with incorrectly spelled words.

Here are some of the latest API functions, available now!

POST /index.add

Create new indexes on the fly using this brand new feature. You can specify a unique index name, or CityFind will generate one automatically for you. Once you have created your new index, you add or remove objects to your index, and they will show up in your search application instantly.

POST /index.remove

Permanently remove an index from your account

POST /index.object.add & POST /index.objects.add

You can now use the API framework to create a single object, or a JSON list of object within your domain or custom index. You can specify a title, image url, object url, object type, and the content to be indexed directly through one of these functions. Your index will be automatically queued for re-calculation once the object has been added to the index. Index re-calculation typically takes only 60 seconds or less, and your search engine will be updated and ready to use.

POST /index.object.remove

In addition to creating object, you can now remove them using this new API function. This is an especially useful way to ensure your site search engine is free of 404 errors when you remove objects from your site. Add a hook to this API call to clear the object from the index and queue it for recalculation.