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Document search is easy with CityFind…

With CityFind Site Search, you can quickly add a powerful document search engine to your website in less than 5 minutes. This page will help you get up and running, and start providing document or PDF search results to your website users.

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CityFind is a powerful site search engine that lets you add semantic search results to any website quickly, and without any plugins. We offer solutions for business of all sizes, including legal firms, realtors, municipal websites, and more at an affordable price. You can learn all about our service tiers on our subscription pricing page.

Add a Powerful Document Search Engine to your website in minutes

The Steps…

Getting Started with CityFind Site Search is incredibly easy, simply follow the next few steps to get your document search engine up and running in minutes.

1. Sign up for an Account

First, visit our subscribe page and sign up for a free CityFind account. You will receive an email within 5 minutes (typically immediately) that will allow you to confirm your email and validate your account.

2. Add your Domain

Once you have validated your account, head over to the dashboard and sign in. Once you are signed in, you will be prompted to add your first domain. The CityFind Crawler will immediately start crawling your website and adding documents to the search index. You can test this out on the Domain Dashboard to see live search results populating.

(optional) Adding a Sitemap

If your website has a generated sitemap page with the URL “sitemap.xml”, the sitemap will automatically be used to generate the initial crawl queue for your new domain. If you would like to disable the sitemap, or add a custom sitemap URL, you can do so by visiting the Sitemap Manager.

3. Check the Crawl Status & Test your Search Engine

Once you have validated your domain, the CityFind Crawler will begin indexing your site. For HTML only sites with less than 50 pages, the crawl will usually take less than 60 seconds to complete, and the site will be queued for index calculation. If your site has large numbers of PDF’s (especially if the PDF’s are large), the crawl may take a number of hours to complete.

You can check the status of your domain crawl on either the dashboard home page, or the domain manager.

4. Embedding your Search Bar

Once you are satisfied with your new document search index, you can add the search bar to your website easily with only 2 lines of code. Visit the embed page to copy the code for your domain, and paste these two lines anywhere on your website that you wish the search engine to appear.

Test the Search bar on your site, and you will be ready to start providing incredible document search results to your customers!

(optional) Use CityFind Analytics to Boost Popular Pages

If you would like page popularity to affect search results, you can add the optional CityFind analytics tracking snippet to the header of your site. Be sure the tracking code is on every page on your site. CityFind will automatically track page views, and use this information to boost popular pages in your search results.