Whether you are a small business, or large enterprise, CityFind search provides full range indexing & search solutions for websites and document sets at an affordable price. CityFind is the most affordable Google Site Search alternative. We offer a truly scalable solution to fit your needs, right out of the box. Learn how CityFind compares to Google Site Search here.
Intelligent Site Search
Smart, fast search results for content on your website. Sign up now for free to index your site and start searching. CityFind learns what your users are searching for, and improves search results automatically over time.
OCR PDF Document Indexing
CityFind provides fully integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Conversion and PDF & Document search indexing for a fraction of the cost of other vendor solutions. Crawl and index massive PDF libraries quickly with CityFind. Learn more about OCR.
Flexible API Integration
Increase search performance using the CityFind API. Update the search index directly from your CMS, add custom document sets, or custom build your own search client.
Fully Self Serve
Get started today with the CityFind self-service dashboard. Add domains, manage crawl rates, and integrate into your website.
Smart Analytics
Learn how your customers are using search. Use the powerful content weighting tools to be proactive and serve the content they are looking for.
Fuzzy word recognition means that your users will find what they are looking for even if they mis-spell what they are looking for.
Mobile Friendly
Our easy to integrate search bar is mobile friendly. From phones to tablets, provide your site users with easy to navigate search results quickly. Fully responsive, and easy to work with.
Lighting Fast Search Results
Our powerful search algorithms provide lighting fast search results, no matter how large your document set gets. Search PDF's, HTML pages and more, quickly. Provide amazing search experiences for your users.
Set it, Forget it.
Add the CityFind Search bar to your website in minutes and you are up and running. You can fine tune your search engine, or forget it and let it run on it's own. As easy as search engines get.

CityFind Does Enterprise Search

CityFind solutions is a Canadian company focused on solving the unique challenges that small to medium businesses face when meeting customer the exponential growth of customer expectations and needs. Our model is based on a completely self serve subscription based license & support model allowing our clients to pay only for what is needed, when they are needed, at an affordable price. You can sign up when you are ready to go live, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. Looking for more? CityFind offers enterprise level support and infrastructure for qualifying customers. Follow the link below to learn more about our enterprise solutions.
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Latest News

The latest news from CityFind. Learn more about our latest features, product updates, conferences, as well as how to articles for implementing Site Search, or replacing Google Site Search on your website.

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